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Is Marrakech a safe place to visit right now?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Given the seismic nature of political events in Tunisia and Egypt, not to mention the shockingly violent response to protest demonstrations seen in Libya and Syria, one might be forgiven for questioning the safety of other tourist destinations in the Arab or Islamic world, such as Morocco.

Although it would be foolhardy to predict the final outcome of the movement for change currently sweeping the region, it should be said that Morocco, though by no means wholly immune to the tide of recent events, is in a different position to countries of the Middle East and elsewhere in North Africa from which it is so far removed both geographically and politically.

Despite the concern aroused, understandably, by the unrest in many Arab states it should be remembered that most of them are a very long way indeed from the north-west corner of Africa.

An important fact underlining the difference between Morocco and countries elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa is that Morocco is a sovereign democracy with a parliamentary system. The young king (Mohammed VI) has been doing his best to keep the economy moving and is gaining respect for his attempts at flushing out corruption.


Marrakech events – what’s happening in early 2011?

Friday, February 18th, 2011

February – The Dakka Marrakchia Festival is a unique musical event held every February in honour of Sabaatou Rijal, the spiritual patrons of the city. For this sacred music festival in Marrakech, think polyrhythmic percussion blended with choral chants.

Expect plenty of colour and an authentic, traditional Marrakech flavour. Soak up a bit of Moroccan musical culture - unmissable!

March – Another festival that is literally magic is the Marrakech Magic Festival (19th – 22nd March 2011). Spell binding performances from international illusionists and magicians take place at the Royal Theatre supplemented by free street performances throughout the city.

March is a lovely time to visit Marrakesh with temperatures rising and flowers, especially roses and bougainvillea, at their best.  The city is full of magic on a normal day so expect to have the time of your life during the Magic Festival!

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3 Top Tagine’s – The best of Marrakech cuisine

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Les Borjs de la Kasbah, one of the best character hotels in Marrakech, has compiled the best recipes for Tagine, the quintessentially Moroccan dish.

Bursting with aromatic spices and flavour, a meat tagine is an exotically spiced, slow cooked casserole, as tender as you can get, its simplicity producing perfect results every time. BK’s popular courses in Moroccan cuisine can help you to become a Marrakech masterchef!


Jamie Oliver’s beef tagine

We don’t know how much experience of Marrakech Essex boy Jamie Oliver has, but he can rustle up a mean beef Tagine. He describes a Tagine as a “stew with attitude”, this one certainly is. Jamie’s easy steps will ensure you can produce something really special too.