Marrakech events November & December 2012

All year round, Marrakech is a hive of activity and a sensual mix of sounds, scents and scenery. As we like to keep you updated with what is happening in Marrakech on a monthly basis, here are a couple of Marrakech events occurring in November and December 2012.

Marrakech events November 2012

Archery Tournament: 9th -11th November 2012.

Using the theme “Arrow of Friendship”, the ‘3rd Marrakech International Indoor Archery Tournament’ offers something a little different. Archers from all over the world (7 countries were represented by 51 competitors last year) are invited to participate in this unusual event at the Zerktouni Hall, Marrakech, which comprises both an open competition for accomplished archers as well as a cultural programme for all participants.

The overall aim of the archery competition is to develop public interest in a sport still fresh in the memory after the London Olympics. For registration and more information about the tournament and excursions linked to it visit

Marrakech events December 2012

The 12th Marrakech International Film Festival: 30th November – 8th December 2012.

Location for many an epic film dating back to ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and beyond, the film industry in Morocco is well established and flourishing. Its importance in the country’s economy is underlined by the growth of its international film festival graced in recent years by the presence of such directors as Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese and Terry Gilliam.

Marrakech International Film Festival

Other past visitors have included Francis Ford Coppola, Susan Sarandon, David Lynch and many others. Details of the festival programme are still to be announced but, as usual, there is likely to be a theme, such as last year’s tribute to the success of Indian and Mexican cinema.

The Marrakech International Film Festival gains in momentum and authority every year, now rivalling Cannes as a major industry event.

The lively central square, Place Djemaa el-Fna, is one of several stages for Marrakech’s International Film Festival when transformed into an open-air cinema. For more information on the International Marrakech film Festival, click HERE.

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