October 2016 in Marrakech – Dates to Note

With an average of 28 degrees, temperatures in Marrakech are appreciably lower than the still very warm 33 degrees of September which is why this is one of the most popular months of the year, not least for the 8 hours of average daily sunshine! At 23mm per month, rainfall is still minimal. Still, rain or shine, there is definitely plenty going on in terms of festivals and events.

October in Marrakech – Religious Festivals

Fatih Muharram. 02.10.2016

The month starts out with Fatih Muharram (or Awal Muharram), the Islamic New Year, on the 2nd of October. Coinciding with the prophet’s journey from Mecca to Medina in 622AD, the day is marked by celebrations less exuberant than those of cultures using different calendars. Here, the New Year is a time for reflection on one’s own mortality and the passing of time, observed through religious meetings, sermons and spiritual singing at mosques and public halls throughout the day.

Ashura, 10/11.10.2016

This Day of Remembrance, observed for different reasons by Shia and Sunni Muslims, is celebrated differently not only in different areas of the world but also from one region of Morocco to the next. What most Ashura celebrations in Morocco have in common, however, is that participants enjoy a sense of solidarity through worship and even humour, collectively.

October in Marrakech – Secular Festivals & Events

Held in early October (unfortunately, exact dates not available at time of writing), the Tissa Horse Festival is a must-visit with marvellous equestrian events, the participants clad in traditional costume, plus singing and dancing and more. Though a little further afield, the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture set to take place from the 22nd to the 29th of October is also an event well worth including in your visit, as is the El Jadida Horse Fair, scheduled for 21st to the 26th.

October in Marrakech – Sporting Events

If interested in sports, you may wish to consider planning your trip to Marrakech to include one or more of the following sporting events:

There is also the Casablanca Marathon on the 30th of October.

October in Marrakech – Business

Some of the main business-related events taking place in Marrakech this month include the BIZZ AMEA Awards (recognising business excellence) on the 5th (19:00, Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech) and the International Metaheuristics & Nature Inspired Computing Conference, from 27th to the 31st of the month.

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