Questionnaire feedback – 100% of guests would ‘definitely recommend’ Les Borjs

We have been delighted to note that Expedia’s ‘Insiders’ Select’ award (see October’s blog article), presented to us in September in recognition of the high standards maintained at Les Borjs over the past year, tallies with the results of our own recent analysis of questionnaires completed by guests at Les Borjs de la Kasbah over the six months from May to October 2015.

This revealed that under no less than 33 of 36 headings in nine categories (including value for money) satisfaction levels exceeded 90%, indeed, under 29 of the headings satisfaction ratings exceeded 95%.

Our nine questionnaire categories invite feedback on every aspect of our hotel’s facilities from satisfaction with Reception Service and Room Comfort to the operation of Restaurant, Bar, Pool, Spa and Excursions. Perhaps the two most important questions in our regular survey, however, are those asking a) ‘Your impressions about our staff’ and b) ‘Would you recommend Les Borjs’? To a) the response was an emphatic 99.4% while answers to b) revealed that a resounding 100% would ‘definitely’ recommend us.

A ‘win-win’ situation if ever there was one!

Rewarding as they are, however, these results serve primarily to remind us not only that we can’t afford to rest on our laurels but that we have to try even harder in order to maintain such exceptional standards.

Thanks to all survey participants – your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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