Sidi Ghanem, an Unexpected Treasure Trove

Industrial areas rarely attract tourists and, as a result, Sidi Ghanem, an industrial zone located some 15 minutes (by car) from downtown Marrakech, is typically overlooked. However, if you are looking for original, hand crafted goods at manufacturers’ prices, many of which are hard to find in the souks, the area is well worth a visit.

About Sidi Ghanem

Though hardly photogenic, due to its many ateliers and factories, Sidi Ghanem has over recent years experienced a real boom thanks to the large numbers of foreign and local designers setting up shops and studios here. Today, visitors will find a treasure trove of articles and wares of all kinds and may even get a chance to meet some of the designers. There is also a handy French bistro for a little refreshment.

Treasures to Find

Often rather more contemporary than the usual souvenirs and traditional items to be found in the city’s souks, the range of artefacts waiting to be discovered here includes chic designer candles, modern pottery and exquisite linens to glamorous light fixtures and mirrored, shimmering candle holders, hand-woven cushions, poufs, wall hangings and curtains.

You’ll find fun fashion items made from deconstructed vintage furs and African patterned wax cloth and bags of the finest Moroccan, Italian and Spanish leather as well as stylish colonial furniture, beautiful trays and plates, indigo throws and colourful aprons.

Some shops offer paintings and other objets d’art by international and local artists while others feature clothing, jewellery and belts inspired by the latest in fashion. Traditional Moroccan craftsmanship is on display too. In short, there’s something here for everyone.

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