2nd Expedia endorsement for Les Borjs de la Kasbah

With a significant percentage of the Les Borjs: bookings coming via Expedia, it was interesting to note the results of the online travel company's 2010 "Insiders' Select" survey into standards at its 114,000 hotels around the world. After a stellar performance in 2009 when, to our great surprise, we found ourselves propelled into a remarkable 20th place overall, the highest ranked hotel not only in Morocco but in Africa, this year we appear, at first glance, to have come down to earth with a bit of a bump. However, on closer examination, these most recent results offer more than a few crumbs of comfort for, despite the hotel slipping down the rankings to 497th out of 2,525 hotels and guest houses listed in the first division of Expedia's many thousands of hotels worldwide, BK's rating in the overall classification this year makes it the highest ranked of all Marrakech hotels and the second highest in Morocco, with a rating of 97.8%, according to Expedia's rating methodology, based on Traveller Opinions, Value for Money and Expedia's own Expert Assessment. Commenting on the 2010 "Insiders' Select" results, BK co-founder, Mike Bruce-Mitford, said