Agafay Desert Music Festival - June 11/12

The first edition of a unique music festival takes place on June 11th and 12th in the remote but magical surroundings of the Agafay desert, just 40 minutes south west of Marrakech.

The Grammy nominated South African performer, Black Coffee, and the Moroccan, Amine K, are the best known in a line-up of artists from the international electronic music scene. Lost Nomads was created as a uniquely stunning meeting point for an exclusive community of people looking for new musical experiences. On June 11th and 12th up to 2000 people per day will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience in an environment unlike any other festival venue, the imposing Agafay desert, with its spectacular panoramic views over desert landscapes to the majestic Atlas Mountains beyond, a splendid backdrop to an event built around the most evocative electronic music.

From dusk until the first light of dawn, Lost Nomads will vibrate with music from cutting edge international artists but the innovative approach of Lost Nomads doesn’t stop there. The festival is being run in conjunction with a charitable social programme to support local communities in the Agafay desert region, one example being the setting up of a nomadic souk during the festival where locals from the Atlas Mountains will be able to exhibit examples of their handmade craftmanship (carpets, jewellery, Argan oil, etc.).

Another particularly worthy initiative is the creation, after the event, of a travelling medical service to provide residents of local villages with free check-ups and pharmaceutical products.