Astronomical Observatory in Marrakesh

Adjoining the Atlas Golf Course, the eponymous Cultural Centre is home to a number of
powerful observational instruments (one of them being the largest telescope in Morocco).
Open to the public, it allows individuals and groups the chance to discover astronomy by
admiring the night sky in, usually, optimal conditions.
A unique venue in the region, indeed in Morocco, the Marrakech Atlas Golf Cultural Centre
significantly enriches the local cultural scene, and not only for the benefit of those with a
particular interest in the astronomical sciences but for the wider public too. Two domes
house a variety of sophisticated instruments for the observation of celestial bodies:

 One 600 mm diameter telescope (T600 - Valmeca)
 One 350 mm diameter telescope (C14 - Celestron)
 A 355 mm diameter telescope (Dobson)
 A Coronado telescope for observing solar protuberances and filaments
 A siderostat, which allows the real image of the sun to be projected continuously

Part of the centre contains a fascinating museum devoted to the 4 elements, Water, Earth,
Air and Fire as a common theme where a remarkable collection of fossils includes several dating back some 550 million years. There are even
meteorites, including the Tamdakht meteorite and the Marshal Tissint meteorite discovered
in southern Morocco in October 2011. On the ground floor of the centre is a projection room, which also serves as a conference
room, and a multi-media library. Throughout the year one is able to enjoy contemporary
exhibitions and browse in a library housing a wide range of scientific books. The centre also
has its own coffee shop and bookstore.