Top Ways to Get Around in Marrakech

Top Ways to Get Around in Marrakech

There are many ways to explore the city not only on foot or by bike (of which, as in most modern cities, there are plenty for hire, in central locations) but also by motor scooter, taxi (petit or grand) or horse drawn calèche.

On Foot – much of the medina being pedestrianised (except for scooters and working donkey carts!), it is ideal for exploration on foot. When doing so, however, it is recommended to:

  • Keep to your right as much as possible

  • Look out for bikes, scooters, etc. coming up – usually quite fast – from behind you and give them a wide berth (riders give every impression of having the right of way even when they don’t!).

Naturally, it is imperative (especially on very hot days) to wear some form of headgear and sunglasses, apply the sun-screen and to don comfortable walking shoes. You should also make sure to carry some water.

By Bike/Scooter - another option is hire of a bike or scooter. There are several companies offering hire bikes/scooters around the city, including the following:

By Taxi – there are two ways to get a taxi ('petit' or 'grand'). Either book one through your hotel/riad or flag one down on the street. The former is perhaps the better option as it avoids having to:

  • Find a taxi in the first place
  • Overcome possible misunderstandings with drivers about your destination
  • Argue over the price (which should be metered but often isn't!)
  • End up travelling with strangers or having to take more than one taxi should your group include more than 3 individuals (petits taxis have a maximum passenger limit of 3 people grands taxis 4 or 5)

If you do decide to pick up a taxi off the street, the following should help you avoid problems:

  • Remember that petit taxis are not permitted to carry more than 3 passengers. Grands taxis can carry up to 5 people. You should also know that taxis can, and often will, pick up additional passengers during a journey.
  • Make sure to have change or small notes - 10 and 20 dhs - to pay for your trip.
  • Make your destination crystal clear – it may help to have it written down in French and/or Arabic. Map reading skills of most drivers are poor to non-existent and many are illiterate, so if necessary, contact your hotel via your mobile phone and ask staff to assist you in communicating with the driver.
  • It is a legal requirement for all journeys to be costed by the taxi meter but not all drivers respect it. So, if necessary, ask your driver to operate the meter (“mettez le compteur sil vous plait”). Sometimes, a driver will respond to this with an excuse for not doing so. In this case it’s best not to argue; simply take a deep breath, calmly get out and try another taxi.
  • This said, taxi rides in Marrakech are not expensive. Journeys between the medina and the modern commercial quarter of Guéliz, or within the Medina itself, will often come to less than 25 dhs and should not be more than 50 dhs.

By Calèche – the green horse-drawn carriages known as calèches are a romantic, slow-paced way of exploring the Ochre City. Half-day trips taking in the city walls, with a stop at Majorelle Gardens and other optional attractions, are extremely popular and usually cost no more than 300 to 400 dhs.

By Bus – Marrakech has a well-developed urban and central bus network (including electric vehicles) that will get you anywhere with ease at very reasonable prices. More detailed information on the city’s ALSA network is available here.

By Car – if you prefer to be independent and plan to make some out-of-town excursions, hiring a car may be your best option. The city has numerous local and international rental agencies including Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt. Again, staff at your hotel will be able to assist you in determining your most suitable option.