Environmental Policy

Mindful of the responsibility of all businesses to take account of the environmental and social impacts of their presence on the local communities in which they operate, we have committed ourselves to the application of 'best practice' policies in the operation of our hotel in line with the recommendations of leading environmental consultant, Dick Sisman, author of the Green Globe environmental standard on Responsible Tourism.

Specific policies include the partial supply of electricity by solar power, the provision of energy efficient lighting, the use of soap and toiletry dispensers (as opposed to individually wrapped bars and bottles) and particular care in waste management, not least through recycling. On a social level, we employ local staff, exclusively, on fair pay terms, a significant proportion of remuneration taking the form of bonuses directly linked to client satisfaction statistics. In addition, we intend to support officially inspired environmental initiatives as well as a number of our own, such as the enhancement of the immediate vicinity of the hotel and maintenance of a nearby public garden.

Les Borjs de la Kasbah also supports the valuable work of SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals and Nature), a British charity established in 1959 to promote the welfare of working animals abroad (largely in Morocco). The society also works to educate the population, notably through visits by schoolchildren to its Marrakech centre, about the importance of protecting the biodiversity and sustainability of natural resources and to promote environmental awareness. We are proud to support the excellent work of the SPANA centre in Marrakech.