Marrakech Festivals & Events - June 2018

Marrakech Festivals & Events - June 2018

Marrakech really starts heating up at this time of year when daytime temperatures in the ochre city range, typically, between 25° and 35° and visitors can expect as many as twelve hours of sunshine per day. Packing a high-SPF sunscreen and seeking out cool, shady places when the sun is at its hottest (early afternoon) is thus imperative. Despite the heat, especially towards the end of June, Marrakech still has plenty to offer this month in terms of festivals, other events and things to see and do.

Marrakech in June 2018 - Festivals & Events

Eid-El-Fitr: 15th June 2018 is an important date in the Muslim religious calendar as Eid-El-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and the city exudes a joyous atmosphere. Celebrated with visits to the mosque and feasting (especially on lamb, milk, dates and a variety of sweet delicacies) Eid-El-Fitr is also a time for donating to the less fortunate. Learn more.

Marrakech du Rire: 20th to 24th of June 2018 - featuring an impressive line-up of international, but mainly francophone, artists, this is the 8th edition of this popular event hosted by comedian and actor, Jamel Debbouze (made famous by the film Amélie), which takes place in the El Bahia palace. If your French is up to it, you’ll enjoy a great weekend of entertainment in the company of some top stand-up comedians. Learn more.

Gnaoua World Music Festival: 21st to 24th June 2018 - Taking place in Essaouira, this admission-free festival offers a wonderful mix of different music styles performed by local, national and international artists. Hailed as a 'cultural gateway' into Africa, this is a must-see event if you enjoy traditional music. Learn more.

Montreux Jazz: despite the name, this is very much a Marrakech festival held from 29th June to 14th July 2018. Featuring acoustic concerts, workshops and performances by the Montreux Jazz Club, the event takes place at the Bahia Palace and in the Ménara Gardens. Learn more.

A little further afield, yet well worth planning into an itinerary based around Marrakech, is one of the best music festivals in Morocco. The Sacred World Music Festival, held in Fez between 22nd and 30th June 2018, and the Mawazine Festival held in Rabat at the same time, both promise exquisite performances of music, song and dance from various cultural traditions performed by top international artists from many countries around the world. It’s well worth the special effort to get to the Fes event, in particular, although the journey itself is quite straight forward thanks to the excellent (and inexpensive) rail service from Marrakech’s central station to the northern cities.

Other Things to See & Do

Hot afternoons in Marrakech offer the perfect opportunity to explore the city's museums, visit some of its beautiful gardens, or enjoy some pampering at L’Arganier, Les Borjs de la Kasbah's excellent spa.

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