What to see in Marrakech

What to see in Marrakech

Jemaa el Fna

The focal point of the city, a huge central square with alfresco eateries and street entertainers where the constant pounding of drums mingles with the cries of street vendors and clatter of horse-drawn transport.

The Souks

Miles of narrow lanes where shops, market stalls and workshops offer all manner of fresh produce and local crafts including pottery, leather goods, woodcarvings, jewellery, textiles and much much more.

Koutoubia Mosque

The most conspicuous landmark of Marrakech is the 77m high stone tower, or minaret, of this 12th century mosque set amid archaeological remains beside the Koutoubia Gardens and a stone's throw from the Place Jemaa.

The Palace of El Bahia

Resplendent with open, marbled courtyards planted with jasmine and orange trees; fine stone latticework and cedarwood ceilings.

Maison Tiskiwin

Collections of folk art and artifacts including carpets, jewellery from the Anti-Atlas, pottery from Fès and carpets from Middle Atlas.

Médersa Ben Youssef

One of the largest koranic schools in North Africa, founded in 1450, and a masterpiece of Moorish design where student cells open onto a highly decorated marbled courtyard with large ablutions pool.

Jardin Majorelle

A wonderful garden in the heart of the new town with lovely displays of Mediterranean and sub tropical plants including 800 species of cactus and flowering shrubs, especially hibiscus and bougainvillea.

Tombeaux Saadiens

Two mausoleums (400 yds from the hotel, at the end of the Rue de la Kasbah) set in a flowergarden housing the tombs of the important Saadian dynasty. The buildings are reputedly among the finest examples of Islamic architecture in the whole of Morocco.

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