Using this site

We are committed to making our site and its content available to everyone including those with visual impairment and other disabilities that make accessing the internet difficult. To achieve this we have followed a number of key guidelines, particularly the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium. The following information details how to use this site and what measures we have put in place to make it as accessible as possible.

Enlarging site content

Most browsers include controls to make the text or entire site larger making it easier to read for visually impaired users. Below is a list of popular browsers supported by this site and how to enlarge and decrease the site content in each:

  • Windows PC - Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and use the + and - keys on the numeric keypad. The following browsers support this method: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Google Chrome.
  • Apple Mac - Hold down the 'Apple' key and use the + and - keys on the numeric keypad. The following browsers support this method: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome.

Overriding layout and colour information

The layout, colours and any decorative graphical elements used in this site are controlled by stylesheets. By controlling the content in this way users can disable the style sheets to view the basic site content. All content is designed to work and display in a useable way when style sheets are disabled, defaulting the text content to black on a white background.

Most browsers allow users to apply their own custom settings and/or style sheets to pages. All pages in this site work with custom stylesheets. For more information on applying your own stylesheets please refer to your browsers help files.

Supporting assistive technologies such as screen readers

We have put a lot of thought into the structure of the pages on this site to make them easily readable by common screen readers such as Jaws and WindowEyes. Measures implemented in this site include; written descriptions for all images, page text hierarchy correctly marked up, all menus included as lists, tables are not used for layout purposes, all form elements are labeled and all text links make sense when taken out of context.

Contacting us

If you are having trouble using this site or have any questions regarding accessibility issues please contact us at