Marrakech in November 2017 Events

Although, statistically, November is the year's wettest month in Morocco, those visiting Marrakech in November will find that it’s still significantly milder and much less wet than in most of Europe. What's more, visiting the Ochre City at this time of year makes for an appreciably less busy and less expensive break than at the height of the tourist season (October and April). Here are some interesting events to schedule into your trip.

Visiting Marrakech in November - Events and Festivals

On 6th November, Marrakech - and indeed all of Morocco - celebrates the 42nd anniversary of the "Green March". On this day in November 1975 Morocco's people took to the streets to demonstrate against Spanish colonial influence to the south of the country and demand the return of Morocco's southernmost province to Moroccan rule. Marked by colourful parades, a palace reception and celebrations involving traditional music and food, the 18th November is Independence Day in Morocco commemorating the declaration of Morocco's independence from Spanish and French colonial powers.

Visiting Marrakech in November - Things to Do

This time of year is wonderful for exploring Marrakech's famous souks without the crowds and overpowering heat and dust of summer. This applies not least to the delightful Agdal Gardens. Created almost 900 years ago, these Islamic-style gardens (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) have been added to over the centuries and now include a number of interesting buildings and reservoirs. Agdal Gardens are usually open to the public on Sundays and Fridays (except when the royal family of Morocco is in residence at nearby Dar el-Beida, when the gardens are reserved exclusively for its private use). Another great, and relatively peaceful, place to visit at this time is the Saadian Tombs. Here, displaying Islamic art at its very best, a grand building houses well preserved, beautifully decorated rooms dating back to the 16th Century, including two main mausoleums containing tombs of more than 100 members of the Saadian royal family.

Les Borjs de la Kasbah

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'Aerial View of Agdal Gardens’, Image by Marrakech,_Agdal_Gardens,_2007-08-01.jpg: Patricederivative work: Teofilo (talk) - Marrakech,_Agdal_Gardens,_2007-08-01.jpg, CC BY 2.0,