Marrakech July 2017 Events for tourist season

July, like August, is the height of European and American tourist season although, in Morocco, it is actually Low Season on account of the scorching temperatures. Rainfall is negligible, apart from the occasional thunderstorm, and temperatures range from night-time lows of 21 degrees to highs of 37 degrees during the day. It is therefore imperative to take all necessary precautions to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Despite the heat, Marrakech in July sees a number of exciting festivals well worth including into your programme.

Marrakech July 2017 Events

The three most notable Marrakech July 2017 events are the:

Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival – held throughout July all over the city (although main performances take place in the Ochre City’s main town square and Badi Palace), this exotic event celebrates traditional Moroccan arts including performances by actors, dancers and fire-eaters, musicians, singers, snake charmers and more.

Montreux Jazz Festival Morocco – featuring concerts, workshops and more, this festival is scheduled to take place from June 30th to mid July. Most activities take place at the Bahia Palace and énara Gardens.

The Feast of the Throne – celebrating King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne (30th July 1999) the event consists of parades and a firework display.

Other Marrakech July 2017 Events

Other Marrakech July 2017 events include the:

ISI (World Statistics Congress): 16th – 21st of July 2017

ICYS (International Conference & Youth Summit): 17th – 22nd of July 2017

Things to Do

If the heat gets a little oppressive for you, escape to the cooler surroundings of one of the city’s gardens or its outstanding museums. One of the most recent (opened in May 2017) is the ‘Musée Mohammed VI devoted to the development of Morocco’s water supply infrastructure.

A Place to Stay

Looking for somewhere to stay? Les Borjs de la Kasbah, with its pool and spa, is the perfect answer. Located in the most southerly part of the ancient medina (the Kasbah), this charming boutique hotel is the perfect base from which to explore Marrakech’s many delights and to enjoy the Marrakech July 2017 events. You can book a room here.