The Gueliz District Marrakech & Top Guéliz Attractions

Contrasting sharply with the ancient medina, Guéliz Marrakech is the downtown centre of the Ochre City’s modern commercial district. Situated west of the Medina, some 20 minutes on foot from the Place Jemaa el Fna (via Boulevard Al Yarmouk), Guéliz has much to offer visitors, mainly in terms of shopping and dining but also for its variety of outstanding art galleries, gardens and more. Here are some of the top Guéliz attractions:

A Brief History of Guéliz Marrakech

The district’s history began with the signing of the “Protectorat”, an agreement with France in 1912, when colonial administrator and French Army general Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey set out his vision for modernising Marrakech by creating the new town (ville nouvelle) of Guéliz, the name derived from église, (French for church).

The first of several new townships built outside the ancient medina, all enjoying views to the distant Atlas Mountains, Guéliz was initially created as a small camp primarily for the French military when it was stipulated by referendum that buildings should be no higher than three storeys, or the height of mature palm trees. This “French Quarter” grew rapidly with the designer of Guéliz, French architect, Henri Prost, and other architects, embracing the Parisian art-deco style with the construction of charming villas, sweeping avenues, large open spaces and a central market. 

The Guéliz District Marrakech

Today, the French-era avenues and streets are packed with upscale Moroccan, European and other international restaurants, chic bars, night clubs and art galleries, concept stores, mainstream & designer fashion boutiques and more.

Featuring modern office buildings and banks among the resplendent art deco, colonial style  facades,  the district’s tree-lined main avenue, Boulevard Mohammed VI (originally “Avenue de France”), is especially popular with both locals and visitors for evening walks in adjoining parks, taking in the glorious year-round beauty of exotic flora, shopping at luxurious boutiques and sipping Moroccan tea or coffee on the shady terraces of its sprawling cafes.

Guéliz Attractions

Long-since the home of artists, fashion designers and jet-setters, Guéliz, along with neighbouring, elegantly residential Hivernage, is the most fashionable part of Marrakech, its many attractions including:

Those looking for a sporting interlude will find the Marrakech Royal Tennis Club a great place to play a few sets while those interested in more leisurely pursuits should appreciate a variety of local gardens including:

Jardin el Harti, a six-hectare haven of majestic trees and exotic flower displays close to ‘Place November 16’ that also features children’s play areas, a restaurant and sports hall.

Jardin Majorelle, an enchanting garden featuring burbling streams, a labyrinth of narrow walkways between cactus beds, plantations of bamboo and lily ponds and vibrantly-coloured buildings blending Moorish and Art Deco influences, one of them housing a collection of decorative artworks by Jacques Majorelle himself.

Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park: a colourful botanical garden lovingly restored to showcase its historic character while offering a modern garden with 21st century cyber areas for Wi-Fi hook-ups and a telecommunications museum at its entrance.

At the End of the Day…

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