The Top 10 Marrakech Internet Cafes

The Top 10 Marrakech Internet Cafes

Inexpensive to use and widely available, cyber cafés in Marrakech make staying connected easy, if you prefer not to rely solely on your mobile's roaming data access, and are especially useful if you need to print something. Many restaurants and cafés provide their clientele with free WiFi acess. If you prefer to surf the net outdoors, you can get free WiFi access at Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park, a former royal garden now transformed into a delightful state of the art internet facility in an agreeably restful, leafy setting.

 Here are some of the best Marrakech Internet Cafes to look out for.

The Top 10 Marrakech Internet Cafes

Cyber Café Sidi Abdelaziz - located at 66 Rue Amsafah in the Medina, this café offers several computers with fast connection speeds, printing facilities and a degree of internet surfing privacy, as desks are arranged back-to-back.

Cyber El Badii - between Rue al Antaqui & Rue Jamiaat Ben Youssef, in the Medina, this is a modern Internet café offering faxing and printing services and padded chairs, more comfortable by far than the plastic or metal alternatives found at most other facilities.

Cyber Lumière - tucked away at 100 Bab Lakhmiss (Rue Bin Lamâassar) in the largely residential part of the Marrakech medina, the Cyber Lumière offers not only internet access but photocopying and faxing services, as well as sales of mobile internet data top-up credits (Moroccan services).

Cyber Zakaria - this is located on Rue Othman Ben Abdarahmane, at No 646 40000, Bloc A, Ayoub Boussil 2. Open daily until 01:00, the Cyber Zakaria offers internet access at just MAD 4 per 30 minutes (roughly 0.3 euros), well within the standard price range applicable throughout the city.

Cyber Café K47 - situated at 47 Rue Kennaria, this café is open 24 hours, great if you need something in a hurry. Offering a handful of PCs, printing services, drinks and a selection of basic snacks, the Cyber Café K47 also sells assorted computer and mobile accessories.

Achbar Net - favoured by locals due to its lively ambience and fast connections, Achbar Net on Avenue Errazi offers a range of services, including faxing and money transfers, as well as train ticket purchases. What's more, it’s next door to a cheap and cheerful snack bar, ideal when you get a little peckish.

Cyber Café & Telephone - on Rue Azbezt, some 10 minutes’ walk from Djemaa el Fnaa, this air-conditioned cyber café also offers international calling and, if you arrive by scooter, you can fill it up at the small gas pump located right outside. Please note, however, that this Cyber Café & Telephone shop does not open before noon.

Cyber Bab Agnaou - found in the Mellah, the old Jewish Quarter of Marrakech, the Cyber Bab Agnaou's PCs are set up in two rooms on comfortable, well-spaced work stations and can be used for a minimum of 30 minutes at a price of 3 MAD (0.25 euros).

Cyber – this small café near the Moulay Hassan Mosque on Avenue Al Masjid, Gueliz, sells a range of mobile and computer accessories, including ear/headphones, memory cards and UB sticks.

Fast connections and Comfort Guranteed

Internet services are provided in comfortable surroundings at Les Borjs d la Kasbah. Learn more here.