Traditional Moroccan Dishes - Hout Quari

Traditional Moroccan Dishes - Hout Quari

Hout Quari is a relatively unfamiliar dish but a tasty example of fast food, Moroccan style. Here's how to make this delicious 'sardine ball sandwich'. 

Traditional Moroccan Cuisine - Hout Quari

To make the sardine balls you’ll need the following ingredients:
•    250 g of fresh sardines, boned and cleaned
•    10 to 15 g (according to taste) of the local spice ras al hanout which can be found in most local food stores and supermarkets although, if not, you can make it yourself using this recipe: 
•    10 to 15 g of Moroccan butter (smen) at room temperature
•    A small handful of chopped cilantro     

Make the fish balls by combining and blending all ingredients into a thick paste in a food processor (on the 'pulse' setting). Shape this mixture into balls and grill until cooked through (5 mins per side) or pan fry. 

Assemble your Hout Quari sandwich using any, or all, of these toppings:
•    Fresh tomato sauce (made from grated raw tomatoes, cilantro, pepper and salt) 
•    Raw chopped onions
•    Green olives (sliced)
•    Smen butter
•    Harissa (again available from many supermarkets/stores - or you can make your own with this recipe from 

This combination may seem a little odd at first glance but these toppings work really well together. If in doubt, try each topping individually and then adjust the mix to suit your taste.

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