Visiting Marrakech in November: Events & Things to Do

With temperatures dropping to a comfortable average of around 17° C (62.6° F) and with fewer visitors in the streets than during high season October, November is an excellent time to explore the Saadian Tombs, Agdal Gardens, Majorelle Gardens, Jemaa el-Fnaa and, of course, Marrakech’s famous souks as well as historic sites such as the Bahia Palace and El Badi Palace in comparative peace and quiet.

Visiting Marrakech in November 2019

The Ochre City also has much to offer in terms of festivals at this time with numerous traditional events, as well as two new ones, taking place during this month.

New Events

One of the events visitors can look forward to is the first ever “Be Live International Amateur Golf Tournament”, which starts on 2nd November 2019 and runs for five days at the city’s exceptional Royal Palm, Assoufid, Palmgolf Ourika, Samanah and Amelkis Golf Clubs. Expected to attract amateur golfers from all over the world, this event promises to be an exciting experience for both participants and spectators alike.

The second “first ever” event hosted in Marrakech this month is a “foodie extravaganza” not to be missed by anyone who enjoys discovering traditional cuisine. Scheduled to take place on the Jemaa el-Fnaa main square from 8th to 10th November, the Marrakech Street Food Festival will delight visitors with a lunch for 5,000 people prepared by 20 well-known local chefs. A further day is devoted to a tasting session when visitors are given the chance to sample a range of both traditional and “trendy new” dishes.

Organised by the Arts & Cultures Foundation, the festivals displays of food are served in a variety of distribution points from street stalls and food trucks to restaurants. Elsewhere on the main square visitors will be treated to performances by snake charmers, storytellers and other traditional street performers.

The festival’s programme also includes “The Plate of Happiness” photo exhibition. Featuring work by Moroccan videographer and photographer Nour Eddine Tilsaghani, the exhibition will be held on the Bahia Palace esplanade.

Those interested in traditional Moroccan cuisine will be pleased to hear that, in honour of this festival, the Arts & Cultures Foundation is also planning to publish a book, “The Career of an Artisan Cook”, featuring the profiles, ancestral recipes and culinary secrets of some of the Ochre City’s most celebrated cooks. More information on this event can be obtained via the link above.

National Events

On 6th November, Morocco celebrates the 44th of anniversary of the “Green March”. Commemorating the occasion in 1975 when thousands marched in unity to protest against Spanish occupation of Morocco’s now southernmost province and to demand a return to Moroccan rule, this day is a public holiday when many administrative and other establishments are closed.

Another event relating to Morocco’s history is Moroccan Independence Day, 18th November, which commemorates the country’s declaration of independence from colonial French and Spanish rule in 1944.The day is celebrated across the country with colourful parades, feasting and music performances as well as a reception at the Royal Palace.

One of the main events in the Marrakech social calendar is the 18th International Film Festival the focus this year being a celebration of the long and distinguished film-making history of Australia.  

Opening on 29th November 2019, this outstanding event offers the city’s visitors a rare opportunity to “bump” into distinguished directors and actors from countries around the world including Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Italy, the UK, South Korea, India, Mexico, Scandinavia, Canada, Russia, Japan and, of course, USA.

Take a Break

A quiet, comfortable and convenient base from which to attend festival events, Les Borjs de la Kasbah is a 20-minute walk from the city’s main square where a number of free open-air screenings will take place. The hotel is also a short taxi ride from most of the other venues. Why not book one of our delightful rooms or suites right now?